Christmas Gift Guide 2021

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What should you think about when choosing a gift?

A: Does my gift help the receiver to solve a problem or make their life a little more enjoyable



  Problem: You are looking forward to sitting down at home on the holidays and playing some music streamed from your phone and your worried that the phone will run out of battery. 


  Solution: S22 Wireless Charging Dock. 


You know what sucks about traditional wireless charges? They only ever address two issues: Charging & sound, and the charging spot never seems to work the first go. What's the solution, you might ask? We have the solution. S22's dual charging coil is installed at a 45-degree angle to ease placement, giving you confidence every time you place your phone on the charger. The latest v5.0 Bluetooth has been integrated into a powerful subwoofer speaker, & a battery has been installed for portability. Check out the trending products section for more ideas or visit 


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